Our vineyard is certified HVE & VDC



Generations of our family have been cultivating vines since 1812 and since the 1960s, we have focused on producing wines with a unique character. In 2005: Fabienne has decided to leave the Eiffel Tower behind in order to fulfil her desire to work with fine materials, create unique products, and share them with the world. She is now taking over the estate after spending 10 years in marketing. “Today, I am thrilled to produce elegant and high-quality Champagnes made to mark the special moments in your life!”

Fabienne Dourdon-Vieillard


We are always conscious of our responsibility for biodiversity and the ecosystem, so we pay constant attention to the way we cultivate our vines and make our wines. In order to best convert our production to be certified of “High Environmental Value” (French certification rewarding engagement in environmentally respectful practices), we have adopted a reasoned approach to viticulture. This ensures the quality of our Champagnes. Our vineyard is unique and consists of: 3 grape varieties growing on 62 clay limestone-soil plots and situated between rivers and plateaux. Such diversity allows us to create blends which boast a strong identity.



Let us take you on a journey of taste: dive into our world and let us share with you our passion and make wine tasting a moment to treasure.


The taste bud teaser

Frank, fresh, and fruity
A cuvée with character, spicy notes, and delicious tension. Ideal as an aperitif, it will pique your curiosity and your taste buds. Pair with sea bream, sole, or scallops cooked in a slightly creamy sauce.

Blend : Chardonnay 10%, Pinot noir : 40%, Meunier : 50%
Dosage : 4g/l
Ageing (cellar) : 4 years
Ageing Potential : 2-4 years
Bottle : 75cl
Award : Guide Hachette


The friendly one

Round, fruity, and generous
Discover the expression of our terroir and black grapes with this fleshy and fruity wine. This is what an explosion of flavour tastes like! Enjoy this round wine at any time of the day.

Blend : Chardonnay 10%, Pinot noir : 35%, Meunier : 55%
Dosage : 10g/l (brut)
Ageing (cellar): 4 years
Ageing Potential : 3-5 years
Bottle : 75 cl or half bottle (37,5cl)
Special Feature : demi-sec also available
Awards : Gault et Millau, Vinalies


The Cheeky One

Lively and delicate with a hint of citrus
A clean and elegant Champagne which will surprise you with its aromas of lemongrass and verbena as well as its citrus finish. This cuvée is mostly made of Chardonnays from the village of Reuil. Its freshness will enliven your aperitif, paired with a seafood platter or sushi. Its creamy texture goes well with a Chaource or fresh goat’s cheese.

Blend : Chardonnay 70%, Pinot noir : 30%
Dosage : 10g/l (brut)
Ageing (cellar) : 5 years
Ageing Potential : 3 - 7 years
Bottle : 75 cl
No malolactic fermentation for the Chardonnays
Awards : Gault et Millau, Vinalies internationales, Decanter, Feminalises


The delightful one

Delicious, round, and spicy
A blended rosé made which boasts hints of cherry and menthol as well as spicy aromas. Its final note of liquorice lingers in the mouth. Its glistening robe, aromatic complexity, and fleshy aromas come together to form this flavourful cuvée. Enjoy with Spanish ham, pigeon cooked in broth, cherry clafoutis or strawberry soup.

Blend : Chardonnay 20%, Pinot noir : 40%, Pinot meunier : 40%, of which 18% of red wine
Dosage : 10g/l (brut)
Ageing (cellar) : 3 years
Ageing Potential: 2 - 4 years
Bottle : white bottle 75 cl
Special Feature : demi-sec also available

les SINGULIÈRES Cuvéeblanc de blancs millésimée

The airy one

Fine, floral, and feather-light
A remarkable Blanc de Blancs expressing the character of our Chardonnays planted in a clay-limestone soil. The palate is dominated by floral notes which give this delicate and elegant cuvée a feminine touch. The finish is fine and velvety. Enjoy with a fine aperitif, paired with seafood.

Blend : Chardonnay 100%
Dosage : 8g/l
Ageing (cellar) : minimum of 5 years
Ageing Potential : 3 - 7 years
Bottle : clear bottle 75 cl
Special Feature : Vintage cuvée
Awards : Gault et Millau, Vinalies

les SINGULIÈRES CuvéePrestige Millésimé

The dazzling one

Complex, elegant, and roasted
The nose opens with aromas of ripe fruit before giving way to a scent of brioche and pastry, followed by hints of honey, fresh hazelnuts, and roasted aromas. Its final menthol note gives a refreshing finish. A smooth texture to soothe the soul… A complex and well-balanced wine for a moment of pure pleasure. To be enjoyed with friends as an aperitif, before the main with a salmon tartare or with meaty dishes such as a quail with grapes

Blend : Chardonnay 40%, Pinot noir : 40%, Pinot meunier : 20%
Dosage : 9g/l
Ageing (cellar): minimum of 5 years
Ageing Potential : 3 - 10 years
Bottle : special bottle 75 cl
Spencial Feature : Vintage cuvée

les SINGULIÈRES CuvéeVieille Vigne Millésimée

The graceful one

Peppery, smooth, and powerful
This Blanc de Noirs is complex, generous, and powerful. The Meuniers contributes aromas of pâte de fruit, acacia, and brioche; while the Pinots bring structure to the wine. A racy Champagne, to share with connoisseurs over a truffle risotto, an oven-roasted capon, a refined Comté cheese or a mature Parmesan. Or simply in the late afternoon with a brioche.

Blend : Pinot noir : 25%, Pinot meunier : 75%
Dosage : 10g/l
Ageing (cellar) : minimum of 5 years
Ageing Potential : 3 - 12 years
Bottle : special bottle 75 cl
Special Feature : vintage Blanc de Noirs made from vines of over 40 years old
Awards : Decanter, Guide Hachette

les SINGULIÈRES Ratafia Champenois

Another way to enjoy our grapes
Usually served as an appetiser, Ratafia is a non-sparkling wine made by blending grape juice and Marc de Champagne. Upon tasting, the nose offers luscious sucrosity and notes of stone fruits, kiwi, and orange. The mouth brings flavours of caramel and pear in syrup. Making Ratafia is a balancing act which requires balanced levels of sugar, acidity, alcohol, and aromas. Enjoy Ratafia with your aperitif, paired with melon, tournedos Rossini, a Camembert de Normandie, tarte Tatin or even a chocolate dessert.

Blend : Pinot noir : 40%, Pinot meunier : 60%
Dosage : 9g/l
Alcohol level : 18°
Ageing Potential : 3 - 15 years
Bottle : special bottle 70 cl
Special Feature : An open bottle can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator.

There is a cuvée for every moment

Champagne, the king of wines, is the perfect choice for new year’s parties, wedding celebrations, christenings, confirmations, birthdays and more. Enter our world and discover the role that Champagne can play in marking all of the most precious moments in your life. Let us guide you...


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